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Easy Car Finance Brisbane

Car Finance Brisbane

Are you a Brisbane local in need of car finance? Talk to Finance Ezi, the Brisbane car loan experts.

At Finance Ezi we have access to a huge network of lenders including business partners, banks, insurance companies & car dealerships. Our comprehensive finance network has helped us become widely considered as one of Australia’s premier finance brokers. Let us do the heavy lifting and secure the most appropriate car loan in Brisbane for you.

Applying for car loans or car finance can be a daunting and complicated process when you are doing it on your own. We have years of experience dealing with finance applications which means that we can help to make your car finance application as quick & easy as possible.

Get in touch with our team of trusted & highly skilled finance brokers and we will work hard to find you the best finance deals. We will make your car finance application stress free as we support you with each step of the application process.

As our motto says, we try to make ‘Finance Ezi’ with fast approvals, low interest rates and good old fashioned customer service.

Car Finance Rates

Private Car Finance from 4.80% comparison 5.60%*
Dealer Car Finance from 4.80% comparison 5.60%*
Commercial Car Finance from 4.20%

New & Used Car Finance

Finance Ezi offers both new car & used easy car finance for our clients in Brisbane. When choosing us as your car finance broker you will also get the added bonus of our expert assistance with getting through that time consuming paperwork,that way you can get out on the road and enjoy your new vehicle.

If you are looking to buy a car from a local Brisbane car dealership, Finance Ezi will be ready to support you. We can organise your car finance and also advise you on your best options as the deal comes together, making sure you fully understand everything that is happening throughout the process of buying your new wheels.

Avoid Dealership Finance

Many Brisbane car dealerships will have existing partnerships with finance companies and they will try to offer you an in-house car finance deal. It is best tostand your ground and steer clear of these offers.

Dealer Finance appears to be convenient, that is until you are slugged with a very high interest rate and end up paying more. Read more about dealer VS broker finance.

Take the smart option and organise your car finance through a trusted broker like Finance Ezi. Not only will you get lower interest rates, you will get superior customer service and best of all, you will have more buying power compared to submitting to dealer finance.

Feel free to use use our car finance loan repayment calculator to work out the cost of your new or used car loan repayments.

Private Car Sale Finance

If  you are looking into buying a car privately and require private car sale finance then you have come to right place. Unlike some other lenders, Finance Ezi offers car loans & finance for private car sales in Brisbane.

We will take care of your interests by facilitating the process to ensure that everyone involved in the sale are dealt with quickly and professionally. Find out the cost of your private car loan repayments with our car finance loan repayment calculator.

In all cases we will do everything we can to make your purchase quick, easy and without all of the fuss. If you engage in a private car sale, Finance Ezi will complete a:

  • FREE Inspection of the vehicle – this not a mechanical inspection, but one to ensure all identifiers are correct such as engine, VIN, registration and kilometres numbers are correct.
  • FREE PPSR certificate (Personal Property Security Register) – ensuring there is no interest in the vehicle by any other finance companies.
  • FREE Vehicle Write Off Report – ensuring the vehicle has never been written off by an insurance company and repaired for resale by some else.
  • Several choices of coverageon Insurance – all our insurance and warranty products are tried, tested and approved by Car Finance.
  • Conduct process and payout procedure – should there be any interest in the vehicle with any finance company in AUSTRALIA.
  • Liaise with the Vendor – ensuring the seller has the right to sell the vehicle. Upon satisfying our requests, Car Finance will arrange EFT of the proceeds into the seller’s nominated account, eliminating any potential delays in delivery.

Secured  & Unsecured Finance

At Finance Ezi we mainly deal with secured car finance with the vast majority of our clients. The main reason behind this is because when most people come to us for help, they are looking for secured car loan.

Occasionally when the circumstances and the person are right, we can attempt to organise an unsecured car loan. You must be aware that an unsecured loan may attract a significantly higher interest rate than that of a secured loan. You should also note that under certain circumstances we will be unable to provide unsecured car finance.

Car loans for Brisbane Businesses

Are you in the market to purchase a company car or a fleet of vehicles? You can apply for a business car loan so that you can grow your business. You could set up your business finance in the forms of either a:

  • hire purchase
  • chattel mortgage
  • car finance lease

Why Choose Finance Ezi?

Our team of highly skilled Brisbane car finance brokers can assist with getting the optimum car finance deal that has been tailored specifically to you. We will take you through each part of the application process so you can get a stress free &  fast approval with:

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Why Choose Finance Ezi?

Fast Approval

Fast Approval

Kick start your financial freedom with fast approval rates. Speedy approvals and customised financial repayments are our specialty. Apply for a loan or a quick quote today.

Competitive Rates

Competitive Rates

We pride ourselves on our competitive rates on finance for cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, caravans, business loans, home loans, and more. At Finance EZI, we finance almost anything.

Trusted Lenders

Trusted Lenders

We’ve been helping people like you achieve their dreams for over 10 years. With an expansive network of business partners, we’re able to secure the best finance deals for your needs.

Talk To Real People

Talk to a Real Person

We know how complicated loan applications are, so we make it our business to support you throughout the entire process. Give us a call to speak to a member of our professional team today.

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