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Exciting news out this month for watersports enthusiasts: The first Australian built 2018 Malibu Axis T22 started production in the Malibu Factory located in Albury.

The New Generation of the Axis Range

T22 is the new version of one of the Axis range towboats with traditional V bow design.

The new 2018 Axis T22 features a fresh layout, which includes a streamlined design, more storage, and a deeper hull that offers more versatility for different tow sports like skiing, wakeboarding, and wakesurfing. The hull that digs deeper into the water at slow speeds is very important in creating enough water displacement and create a larger wake. The new Axis T22 is crafted to bring the best on-water experience with superb handling, cutting-edge technology exceptional engineering.

According to Price Taylor, GM of  Malibu Boats Australia and Managing Director for Axis Wake Research, the new Axis T22 is best for watersports-loving families because of its better performance, more standard enhancements,  a great new design, and more comfort.

Taylor also said that the option to add Power Wedge II to the Axis makes it easier than ever to tailor the wake and wave for every rider (from beginners to pro) so everyone can have a great day on the water.

The new Axis T22 also introduced the Sliding Skybox Seat, a new addition to the Axis seating that gives passengers multi-position front-row perspective of the waters and sceneries ahead. A max of 15 persons can board the boat and enjoy the ride, more than perfect for a large family or group of friends. Other features of the 2018 Axis T22 also include lighted multifunction gauges, Livorsi electronic throttle, a swivelling helm armchair, dual dash panels, and plush upsholstery.

Other specifications for the 2018 Axis T22 include hull length of 22 feet (6.71m), 102 inches (2.59m) of beam length, a draft of 27 inches (0.69m), auto set wedge weight of 1000 lbs. (453 kgs.), dry weight of 4,450 lbs. (2,018.5 kgs.), and fuel capacity of 48 gallons.

The 2018 Malibu Axis T22 is simply a must-have for all boaters and watersports avids because of the design, performance and capabilities that only Malibu Boats can deliver. It is currently on sale starting from $81,950. When purchasing T22, customers can opt to get the Axis’ Performance Surf Package, which will include the Power Wedge II, Surf Gate and Surf Band to creat the optimum wake and wave generation.

The Surf Gate will help create a sizeable wave that allows the boat to surf back when turning and provide more push to move forward. On the other hand, the Power Wedge II can help you customize the wave’s shape and sculpt it according to the style and driving ability of the driver.

To get the full 2018 Malibu Axis T22 experience, customers are also recommended to get the full plug-and-play ballast for optimum boat stability. Some recommended accessories to go with Axis T22 include Axis trailer for the best hauling of your boat, in-house AW15 Tower, and Wet Sound Speakers to get your adrenaline pumping while on-board.

The Axis Wake Research by Malibu Boats is continuously proving to deliver quality and performance value in its range of towboats, which also includes fork-bow Axis A20, A22, A24, and T23. These models also feature great designs, advanced technology and innovation in engineering.

Axis boats are powered by a standard and new 6.0-liter Monsoon V8 engine with 409 ft.-lbs. of torque. If customers want a more powerful engine, they have an option to upgrade the standard engine to have 550 ft.-lbs. of torque.

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