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Don’t Be Fooled By 0% Finance Deals

Don't trust interest free finance

Does a 0% interest rate on a loan sound too good to be true?


HINT: It probably is.

During the upcoming end of financial year sales, many sales people will be pushing products that come with a 0% interest loan.

Although this may sound like a good deal, you can be certain that they will use other methods to make that money back and it will end up costing you more.

Take a look at our short video so you can learn the common ways that car dealerships try to make up the money you think you’re going to “save” when you accept a 0% finance deal.


Don’t become a victim of the 0% finance loan during the upcoming end of financial year sales.

If you’re currently looking at purchasing a new vehicle, avoid the dealer traps and opt for a personally tailored finance solution that won’t end up costing more than you bargained for with Finance Ezi.


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