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Finance Ezi can help fund your business’ vehicular needs. We offer a complete range of car finance solutions plus expert advice to guide you in choosing the best car loan for your business. No matter the size of your company or kind of vehicles you need, Finance Ezi will help you maximise your time and resources. Our car finance options include: finance lease, hire purchase, chattel mortgage, and novated lease.

Start exploring your options today by looking into what each solution offers:

Finance Lease

The financier holds the title and leases the vehicle to the borrower for an agreed period of time and amount. Deposit is not required and repayments are taxable. At the end of the term, the borrower could be given the option to acquire the vehicle after the residual is paid. The residual value amounts to the asset’s value at the end of the term.

The finance lease is a great way for growing companies to meet their motor needs immediately.

Hire purchase

In this agreement, the financier still holds the title throughout the term but automatically passes the ownership to the borrower after the all repayments have been settled. Deposit and/or balloon payment are optional in this type of finance. GST can be claimed if your business is registered for it.

Companies looking to invest in service vehicles that are central to its business are best suited for this kind financing.

Chattel Mortgage

Chattel mortgage is a consumer loan wherein the borrower owns the asset upfront but with the financier holding the title as security during the term. Borrowers can opt to make a deposit and/or balloon payment. GST can also be claimed as long as your business is registered.

Chattel mortgages are typically taken out to purchase vehicles for personal use but it can also be a good choice for acquiring company vehicles like service cars and trucks.

Novated Lease

This car lease is between three parties: the financier, the employer, and the employee. Technically, the employee is the borrower however, the payment obligations is shouldered by the employer. Deductions are made on the employee’s pre-tax salary; the car lease is often included as part of a salary package. In the event that the employee leaves the company, the employer’s financial obligations to the lender shifts to the employee.

This type of lease is increasing in popularity due to its flexibility: the employee gets to choose his vehicle, the employer saves on maintenance costs and can opt to take the vehicle off the balance sheet, and the company is freed from financial responsibilities when the employee leaves.

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