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Beat the dealer at their own game

14 Nov Beat The Dealers At Their Own Game

Buying a car can be exciting and daunting at the same time. All our lives we’ve heard about car dealers and the games they play. Still nothing prepares you for the day you actually come face to face with them. Negotiating car prices with dealers...

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Boost Your Car Remote

11 Oct Handy Car Hacks

Cars have so many features that we sometimes forget the best solutions are often the simplest. Check out some of these life hacks for car travel, driving, parking and looking after your vehicle that don’t require fancy devices or expensive accessories. GPS – Whether you go...

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Uber Driver and Passenger

11 Oct QLD Government Legislates Uber

After initially calling for its ban in April, the Queensland government has now approved legislation legalising the ride sharing app; Uber, following the footsteps of New South Wales, Canberra, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria. Even Tasmania has legislation on the cards for 2018. So what...

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Saving for a new house

12 Sep 6 Hacks For Buying a Home

Whether you’re buying your first home, upgrading, or looking for an investment property, a few handy hints can always be helpful, especially if they save you a little money on the purchase price. What has it sold for previously? Do some research into what the home has...

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Researching Balloon Payments and Finance Deals

09 Aug What Are Balloon Payments?

How do Balloon Payments help with my loan? One of the finance terms you may have heard floating around is that of the Balloon Payment. A Balloon Payment, sometimes called a residual value, is a designated amount owed to the financier at the end of your loan...

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Boat on water

09 Aug Spring Boat Maintenance Checklist

As the weather starts to warm many avid boaters are now starting to get their boats out ready for the boating season ahead. Whether you winterised your boat before storage or not, this is actually a good time to check your boat over, do some...

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Cut Up Credit Card

30 Jun Been Struggling With Credit Card Debt?

It's time for 'Plastic Surgey' - cut up those cards! You’re not alone. In fact, according to a recent article, the average debt per credit card is over $3,000! People are constantly looking for ways to cut down their credit card debt and hoping for a...

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Car Rego Piggy Bank

16 Jun Are You Rego Ready?

Let’s not pretend we’re always prepared for our rego bill when it comes every six to twelve months. It’s almost always an unwelcome surprise. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we paid this? No, unfortunately it wasn’t. So how can we be better prepared for our vehicle...

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Travel Collage of Pictures

08 Jun Travel Experiences That Will Change Your Life

Are you tired of talking about saving money and ready for something a little more… exciting? Join the club! Today, instead of saving, we’re going to talk about making the most of spending money. It’s no secret that you work hard for your money, so when...

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