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Frequently Asked Questions

An unsecured car loan, is a personal loan with no security held.

You have the option to purchase from either.

We have a wide panel of lenders at our disposal, so we are able to shop around for the best rate on your behalf.

We have a wide panel of lenders, some of which will look at customers who have had issues with finance in the past.

Yes, we can arrange a pre-approval before you go looking.
Yes, we specialise in business loans for vehicles.
A Chattel Mortgage is a loan structured where you own the vehicle, however you can claim GST, interest and depreciation components in some scenarios.
A low doc loan facility, is a loan that may require a letter from your accountant, or a BAS statement. This can be offered only if the business has been trading for longer than 12 months. A no doc loan, requires no financials or any other information requested.
Salary sacrifice is a facility in which payments are taken out for your vehicle before you are taxed. This needs to be arranged with your employer, however we have lending solutions to suit.
A balloon payment is an amount of money owing at the end of the loan term, which can either be refinanced for a further term, paid out – or vehicle traded or upgraded. A balloon payment helps to keep required payments low, and allows you to upgrade the vehicle sooner.
Shortfall, or Gap insurance, covers the amount left owing on the vehicle after an insurance payout. A gap payment covers the difference between the insurance payout and what is owing to the finance company.
In most cases, we’ll require two most recent payslips and 100 points proof of ID to get your application started.
First payment is typically one month after the settlement date of the loan. Extra payments can be made.
All our applications are free of charge, and are obligation free. Once a pre-approval has been obtained, we will be able to confirm applicable fees and charges depending on our approved lender.

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