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Island camping is a great way to get close to the wilderness and Fraser Island in Queensland is the best spot for it. If you are looking to just chill in nature for the weekend, this is where you should go. It is the world’s largest sandy island and provides its visitors with endless panoramic sights and a very relaxed atmosphere.


Sightseeing is the main activity on the island and that comes as no surprise considering how scenic the entire island is. Guided tours are available but of course, you are free to explore the island on your own!

A fantastic way to get around the island is by hiring a 4WD. Most companies that rent out 4WDs offer tours as part of their package. If you are a big group, this is a pretty awesome deal. The Seventy Five Mile Beach is an iconic drive provided that the conditions are right. If you are going on the drive on your own, check the tides because beach driving on high tide conditions can be dangerous.

Fraser Island Lake McKenzie

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Surprisingly, the number one attraction on the island is not the beach but the lake. Lake McKenzie is a breathtaking destination that leaves its guests stunned with its vibrant colors. The lake is surrounded by pure white sand and its crystal clear freshwater is a delight to swim in.

Eli Creek is another great place to swim. The creek flows fast but is safe and the water is fresh and cool. No wonder it’s It’s a family-friendly stop and can get pretty crowded mid-day.

For walks, you can go to Central Station Rainforest. Visitors rave about this forest because of its lush vegetation and the bubbling creek that goes through it! The creek’s water is very clear and can be hard to spo from afar making visitors marvel at it all the more.

Another reason people come to Fraser Island is to watch whales. From late July to early November, you can watch migratory whales make their through Hervey Bay. Humpback whales have made the bay their rest stop and love socialising with their curious visitors while they are there!

Tent set up for camping

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Camping tips

The first thing you need to do when planning to come to Fraser Island is to secure your permits. You must absolutely obtain the information packet, vehicle permit, and camping tag before arriving at the island. Familiarize yourself with the brochures that come with the packet and respect the island’s rules.

No matter how tempting, swimming is not allowed on the ocean because of sharks.

Sadly, Fraser Island can’t be your destination if you plan to bring your fur baby. Pets are not allowed on the island except for guide dogs.

It’s important to keep your food covered while on the island to prevent attracting wildlife. Fraser Island is home to quite a population of dingoes and other wild animals. It’s illegal (and come on, dangerous) to try to attract them on purpose and fines apply when you get caught.

Wood for cooking is available in most campsites but it’s still advisable to bring your own fuel stove for your own convenience.

There are is a no-generator rule and a 9PM noise curfew in formal campsites.

Where to camp

There are about 45 campsites on the island. These camps can either be formal camps with basic facilities like toilets, showers, and gas BBQs, informal camps (beach camps), or walk-in camps. The formal camps are in Central Station, Dundubara, and Waddy Point. Regardless of which camp you choose, you have to book in advance. Also keep in mind to choose a fenced camping ground (most formal camps) if you have children with you.

Camping fees which are covered by the permits you obtain cost between $4-$17 per person per night. And around $24 for families.

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