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    “Honestly, the best finance company I have come across if I ever had to go down that path again I would choose them, their employer I went through (Dylan Casey) treated us as a mate not another client really really look after us and listened to make sure we got the best and right deal for us with no bull***t. Awesome dude. Highly recommend!”

    ~Dan Mills

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    Car Loan

    Whether you’re interested in purchasing a used or new car for yourself or a fleet of vehicles through your business, Finance EZI’s team of experienced business managers are well equipped to help you find the car finance that’s right for you.

    We make borrowing the money to buy your new or used car quick and easy; so you get fast approvals on car finance with:

    • Competitive interest rates
    • Suitable terms
    • Affordable repayments
    • No deposit car loans available

    Before you start the hunt for your next car, Finance EZI will organise your obligation-free pre-approval and make the hunt easier for you!

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    We know how complicated loan applications are, so we make it our business to support you throughout the entire process. Give us a call to speak to a member of our professional team today.

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    We pride ourselves on our competitive rates on finance for cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, caravans, business loans, home loans, and more. At Finance EZI, we finance almost anything.

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    We’ve been helping people like you achieve their dreams for over 10 years. With an expansive network of business partners, that provide us the lowest rates in the market.

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    Kick start your financial freedom with fast, streamlined approval processes and customised financial repayments. Apply for a loan or a quick quote today.
    “We make Finance Ezi”

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    A Range OF CAR LOANS


    Finance Ezi is one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing online brokerages with over 15 years in the industry. We’ve helped hundreds of people get the lowest car loan rates. Apply today there is no obligation, cost or commitment.


    This is also known as salary sacrificing, Finance Ezi will work with your employer to put together a novated lease package that’s FAST and EZI. Save on tax and gain all the benefits of a company car.


    Are you looking to get a better deal on your current car loan?
    Consider refinancing your car loan and you could save money in interest rates, fees, charges and loading on timed repayments. Apply Today


    What Can Finance Ezi Do For Me?

    From tailoring the most suitable finance product, sourcing the vehicle, doing all the negotiating and ensuring your loan and your new vehicle are protected with the most appropriate insurance. Finance EZI also has a widespread car dealer network so no matter where you are in Australia, we can help you find exactly what you want.

    Why Use Finance Ezi As Your Car Loan Broker?

    For over ten years, Finance EZI has provided speedy and competitive car finance for all of its customers. Finance EZI stands out amongst other financial service providers with an added array of desirable attributes, including guaranteed fast access, easy processing, strong buying power and no obligation assistance.

    • We make it stress-free
    • We can do the research
    • We help you with the most appropriate car loan for your situation.

    What Types Of Car Loans Do Finance Ezi Offer

    Different car loans offered by Finance EZI lenders (subject to lending approval criteria) include:

    • Unsecured personal loans.
    • Secured car lending 84mth term.
    • Chattel Mortgage
    • Lease fully maintained and novated.
    • Low Doc, No Doc commercial motor finance.
    • Salary Sacrifice.

    Don’t forget, your car loan can have additional options (subject to lender approval) that you might want to be included. Some of these may include:

    • Car insurance
    • Warranties on a mechanical breakdown of the vehicle.
    • Unemployment credit protection.
    • Disability and/or death insurance.
    • Shortfall cover.

    Upon approval, our staff will provide you with all the options and protection you might require.

    Refinance Car Loan Options

    When arranging to refinance a used car loan we often spend a lot of our valuable time calling many car finance companies and banks just to find a lender that will offer a good finance package and will approve the loan without complications. Making the wrong choice can mean not being approved and once declined it can be very difficult to get the next lender to approve or provide a reasonable interest rate.

    Talk to Finance EZI about refinance used car options. We will show you options on low car loan rates, compare most bank car loans, reduce the fees and charges and ensure you get approved.

    Car Finance Ezi Help With My Car Finance Term?

    You may have already paid off a part of your car loan and don’t wish to extend the term back any further. We will give you all considerations when looking at refinancing, including keeping your car loan over the same financial terms to reduce your terms charges and save you money.

    At Finance EZI we don’t just want another car finance deal; we look at your whole financial situation and assess what can be done to save your money, not cost you more. However, we don’t do anything without your approval, ensuring you make the decisions based on the facts we provide. Enquire today online with our easy to complete car finance enquiry or phone us today on 1300 003 003.

    Car Loan Comparison

    Banks and finance companies price their finance differently so it is important to get the right car loan. Some of the different pricing models lenders use are:

    • The amount you are borrowing: some lenders have lower interest rates as the loan amount increases
    • The term of the finance contract: Car loans can be up to 7 years (84 months) and costs may change over different terms especially with fixed rate terms
    • The age of the vehicle: some lenders adjust their pricing on the age of the vehicle. New car and used motor financing can have very different interest rates
    • If it is for business (unregulated) or personal (regulated): some charge differently
    • If it is unsecured or secured against the motor vehicle normally effects what is charged
    • The strength of your application: some companies even grade you and your application before they price the interest rates.

    what our Clients say

    Google Review

    “Honestly, the best finance company I have come across if I ever had to go down that path again I would choose them, their employer I went through (Dylan Casey) treated us as a mate not another client really really look after us and listened to make sure we got the best and right deal for us with no bull***t. Awesome dude. Highly recommend!”

    Dan Mills

    Google Review

    “I honestly cannot thank, recommend and praise Danny Graves enough! From the very first phone call, Danny was nothing but polite, professional and efficient. Danny kept me informed of every little step as He worked with the lenders in a very timely manner to get me the best possible finance for a new car & within 5 days everything has been signed & approved !! I will never use another broker or company other than Danny and Finance EZI! Thank you again!”

    Kerri-Anne Cole

    Google Review

    “Finance Ezi made the whole finance process really straight forward, I made one phone call from the car yard and in 2 days my loan was approved and settled the next business day. The team Corey and Kim communicated with me all through the process. Genuine great “ole” fashioned customer service, highly recommended.”

    MIchael Vidal

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