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Equipment Loans & Finance Solutions

At Finance EZI, we focus on providing customised equipment loan solutions to suit your specific needs. We are here to make things easier for you.

  • Secondhand Vehicle & Equipment

    Whether you’re considering a used model for cost-effectiveness or its proven reliability, our second-hand equipment financing options are designed to meet your business needs. You can trust a quick and easy application process with Finance EZI, even with low-doc equipment finance and non-conforming options.

  • Construction Equipment Loan

    Finance EZI offers finance lease solutions for a broad array of construction equipment. Our unique financing solutions are designed to help you secure the necessary machinery for your projects, ensuring smooth operations and successful project execution.

  • Upgrade Machinery

    When it’s time to upgrade equipment, Finance EZI is here to support you. We offer flexible financing plans that consider your current financial situation, allowing you to invest in more efficient machinery without disrupting your cash flow.

  • New Vehicle & Equipment Purchases

    Finance EZI’s equipment financing needs are comprehensive, from acquiring new vehicles to purchasing advanced equipment for business purposes. Our low-interest rates and fast approval times make us a trusted partner for your business growth. Trust us to make your equipment acquisition process seamless and hassle-free.

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Upgrade Your Equipment with Finance Ezi

Benefits of Equipment Finance:

With Finance EZI’s Finance Services, we’re committed to helping you secure the assets you need to drive your operations forward. Here are five key benefits our services bring to your business:

  • Customised Financing Solutions

    Finance EZI values the uniqueness of each business and offers customised financing solutions accordingly. We consider individual business requirements and scenarios, crafting an approach that caters to your specific needs. This level of customisation is particularly beneficial for businesses with unique requirements or those operating in niche markets.

  • Competitive Interest Rates

    Lowering financing costs is a priority for many businesses. That’s why Finance EZI offers low-interest rates, providing more cost-effective options than traditional banks. Our aim is to minimise your financing costs, making our services a valuable asset to your business.

  • Flexible Financing Structures

    Finance EZI provides a range of flexible financing structures, including chattel mortgages, commercial hire purchases, equipment leases, and structured repayments. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the best financial strategy and loan terms structure. We offer solutions that adapt to your business, not the other way around.

  • Expertise in Specialised Financing Equipment

    Finance EZI demonstrates a deep understanding of the specific needs related to heavy and farm machinery financing. Our expertise in these areas ensures that businesses in these sectors receive finance solutions aligned with their operational and financial requirements. We don’t just provide funds; we offer the right funding solutions to help your business thrive.

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What Types Of Equipment Lending & Leasing Do Finance Ezi Offer?

It is important to understand which type of equipment finance to take. If you are unsure just ask us and we will be happy to go through these. Some choices available are:

  • Chattel mortgage
  • Commercial hire purchase (CHP)
  • Equipment lease
  • Fully maintained equipment lease
  • Rentals
  • Structured repayments

Finance EZI has some great low doc equipment finance or non conforming options. New or used equipment and private sales are not a problem at Finance EZI. We can help with all of your equipment financing needs.

Can Finance Ezi Offer Low Equipment Financing Rates?

Finance EZI provides low equipment financing interest rates better than most banks on all machinery and equipment loans. Find it hard to believe? Try our equipment finance quick quote for a quick, no obligation equipment finance or lease quote.

We offer loan options with a variety of banks and finance companies to choose from. We do it right the first time with fast approval and unbeatable interest rates.

Do Finance Ezi Offer Heavy Or Farm Machinery Finance?

Our specialist heavy and farm machinery finance staff have many years experience. We understand financials, different loans for corporate entity structure, cash flows, forecasts and GST. Anything from a sole trader, partnership, company, trusts to a large corporate entity; we deliver the finance required.

Our team can organise any equipment lease anywhere in Australia and we provide all financing and leasing options with fast approval times and low interest rates.

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what our Clients say

I have been a client of Finance Ezi for close to seven years and my dealings with Ryan since his appointment as Finance Manager have been excellent. His foresight to look outside the box and therefore the big picture has been a blessing. Ryan’s processing of paperwork is impeccable and in my circumstances, like most applicants, there is always something different with every application. Therefore, I have great respect for Ryan and will continue to utilise his knowledge and experience.

Peter Jones

Partnering with Finance Ezi is the direct bridge to your business’ overall financial success. With access to domestic and global funds, you can be confident that your business will receive the ultimate finance deals to optimise your customer relations and profits.

Frank Smith

We have had the easiest approval and helpful service from you. You are a credit to the company and we are extremely happy with the outcome. We are looking forward to getting the boat on the water and have booked our boat license. We would not only recommend you to our friends/family but will definitely return for future finance. Thank you so much.

Fiona Carroll


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