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If you want to splash out on a new boat, make the finance process as simple and streamlined as possible with Finance EZI!

Finance EZI works with a huge network of Australian banks and money lenders so that we can offer flexible marine finance options with the lowest possible loan interest rates to help make your boating dreams come true. We have an experienced team who are dedicated to sourcing the best boat loan so you can get on the water sooner.

We make borrowing money quick and easy with:

  • Low-Interest Rates
  • Fast and Secure Application Process
  • Affordable Loan Repayments
  • Loan as you need
  • No Hidden Charges
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Watch our handy video guide to boat finance


If you already have the perfect boat in mind or are ready to start researching your options and planning your budget, our boat finance calculator can give you an approximate guide to what your loan repayments will be. Use our boat loan calculator here.

Let Finance EZI take the hassle away from financing your boat. Apply online today or call us toll-free on 1300 003 003 to speak with one of our friendly team for more information. We provide finance Australia-wide, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

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Benefits of Boat Financing with Finance Ezi

Choosing to finance your boat with Finance Ezi offers a host of benefits designed to make your boating dreams a reality. From flexible payments to swift approvals, we’re committed to providing a seamless experience.

  • Monthly Repayments:

    With EZI Boat Finance, you can enjoy the convenience of monthly repayments for your boat loan. This system allows you to pay back your loan in small amounts each month, making it easier to budget for your new boat. No need to worry about a large lump sum. Instead, you can enjoy your new boat without financial stress. 

  • Fast Loan Approvals:

    At EZI Boat Finance, we pride ourselves on our quick boat loan approvals. We understand your eagerness to get on the water, so we ensure our approval process is swift. With us, you can achieve your boating dreams without unnecessary delays.

  • Streamlined Boat Loan Application:

    EZI Boat Finance makes applying for a boat loan simple. We’ve reduced paperwork and streamlined our process, giving you a hassle-free experience. With our straightforward application, owning your dream boat has never been easier.

  • Low Fees and Charges:

    EZI Boat Finance is committed to affordable boat financing. We keep our fees and charges low, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying. With no hidden costs, you can budget effectively and affordably for your boat purchase.

  • Flexible Loan Options:

    We understand that everyone’s needs and budgets are different. That’s why EZI Boat Finance offers a range of boat finance options. Whether you’re buying a new or used boat, we provide flexible terms to suit your financial situation.

With us, boat ownership is accessible and personalised to your circumstances.


Whether you are looking for a new or used boat, buying privately or from a marine dealer, we will find you the best loan package tailored to meet your individual needs and financial circumstances. What’s more, we have a panel of marine experts who can advise you and help to navigate the intricacies of marine finance, including encumbrances and title checks.

We provide finance for a range of marine vessels, for both personal and commercial use, Australia-wide. No matter whether you’re after a small dinghy or a luxury cruiser, a jet ski or a yacht, the Finance EZI team are ready to use their knowledge and industry contacts to negotiate a boat loan with incredibly low-interest rates on your behalf. We can even help you source your new watercraft if you need us to.

Different Types of Boat Loans

  • Secured Loans

    This type of loan is supported by collateral, typically the boat itself. If the borrower fails to meet their repayment obligations, including the agreed-upon repayment amount, the lender reserves the right to take possession of the boat to recover their losses. Secured boat loans often feature lower interest rates and extended repayment periods due to their secured nature. However, Finance EZI provides genuinely low interest rates, quick approvals, and paperwork assistance, making securing private or commercial boat loans easier.

  • Unsecured Loans

    These loans operate without the need for collateral. Lenders approve them based on a thorough evaluation of the borrower’s creditworthiness, which includes an examination of their credit history. While these loans usually have higher risk and interest rates, Finance EZI breaks the mould. We offer genuinely low-interest marine financing, minimal fees, and no penalty charges.

    When it comes to funding for new or second-hand boats, there are other options:

  • Boat Finance for New Boats

    You can secure funding for a new boat through boat dealerships, banks, or lenders specialising in marine finance, like EZI Finance. The terms of these loans, including approval and disbursement, largely vary depending on the borrower’s credit score. We offer online prequalification, allowing borrowers to compare boat loan potential rates without needing multiple hard credit checks.

  • Boat Finance for Second-Hand Boats

    Similar financing options exist for second-hand boats. However, it’s important to understand that the age and condition of the boat can influence the terms of the loan. We will find you the best loan package or terms specifically for used boat loans.

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Get Fast Boat Finance & Low-Interest Rates with Finance Ezi

At Finance EZI, we make securing a boat loan as simple and quick as possible. Our low-interest rate and fast approvals establish us as your go-to for boat finance. We collaborate with a comprehensive network of Australian banks and lenders, ensuring you benefit from the best possible boat loan rates. Whether you’re seeking finance for a jet ski, a brand-new boat, or even a yacht, we’ve got you sorted.

We’re committed to offering affordable financing options so you can relish your time on the water without the burden of high costs. The whole process, from application to receipt of your secured loan, is expedited and effortless with Finance EZI.

If you need any assistance or have any queries, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 003 003. Opt for Finance EZI, where we make the loan term and process smooth and hassle-free for an exceptional boat finance experience.


How much can I borrow with Finance Ezi Boat Financing?

With Boat Financing from Finance EZI, you have a sea of options. The loan amount you can borrow is based on your individual financial situation. We treat each application with a personal touch, ensuring you get a deal that fits perfectly with your financial ability and needs. This way, we help turn your boating dreams into reality.

What Are The Interest Rates On Your Boat Loans?

We’re committed to keeping our boat loan interest rates not just competitive but among the lowest you’ll find. We focus on providing true low-interest marine financing, ensuring our customers get the most favourable rates based on their financial situation.

Does Finance Ezi Offer Low-Interest Boat Loans?

Finance EZI was created because we saw a strong need for genuine low-interest marine financing, fees, and charges. No penalty fees and options on interest-only loans are available Australia-wide; we can also provide a complete boat finance comparison.

Take advantage of structured repayments to suit your lifestyle or income, a fast approval turnaround, assistance with all necessary paperwork, and incomparably low rates today! You’ll find that getting a private or commercial boat loan has never been easier.

Do You Provide Finance For Second Hand Boats?

Yes, we can provide finance for used boats through our wide network of lenders and experienced consultants who will source the best finance deal for you. Talk to us today. We can even help settle the deal with the seller.

What Sort Of Boat Can I Get A Loan For?

All boats! Whether you’re looking for a dinghy, speed boat, fishing boat, jet ski or other PWCs, yacht, cruiser, runabout, sailboat, trawler, cuddy cabin or catamaran – we can help. We help finance marine vessels for both personal and commercial use. Speak to our consultants now for quick and ‘Ezi’ finance.

We Get The Banks Working For You!

We can provide boat loans through a variety of banks and finance companies providing over 20 million dollars in finance each month. There are not many banks we don’t deal with, giving us strong choices in getting the best loan for you. Fast and same day approval for your new boat will have you in the water boating before you know it. If you need approval fast then don’t delay.

what our Clients say

I have been a client of Finance Ezi for close to seven years and my dealings with Ryan since his appointment as Finance Manager have been excellent. His foresight to look outside the box and therefore the big picture has been a blessing. Ryan’s processing of paperwork is impeccable and in my circumstances, like most applicants, there is always something different with every application. Therefore, I have great respect for Ryan and will continue to utilise his knowledge and experience.

Peter Jones

Partnering with Finance Ezi is the direct bridge to your business’ overall financial success. With access to domestic and global funds, you can be confident that your business will receive the ultimate finance deals to optimise your customer relations and profits.

Frank Smith

We have had the easiest approval and helpful service from you. You are a credit to the company and we are extremely happy with the outcome. We are looking forward to getting the boat on the water and have booked our boat license. We would not only recommend you to our friends/family but will definitely return for future finance. Thank you so much.

Fiona Carroll


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