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Whether you need financing for your first car or to upgrade to a luxury vehicle, Finance Ezi has you covered. With competitive interest rates starting from as low as 5.54%, our expert team ensures you find the best deal on a secured car loan for your new or used car. With competitive interest rates, flexible terms, and affordable repayments, we make it simpler and more cost-effective than ever.

  • Competitive interest rate compared to unsecured car loans
  • Larger loan amounts for those bigger dreams
  • An easier qualification process that suits your financial situation

With over 10 years of experience, our professional team is committed to securing the best deal for you, partnering with over 35+ lenders to ensure you receive the best rates available.

At Finance Ezi, we believe in making your car finance journey as smooth as possible.

Here’s what makes our new car loans stand out:

Swift and Simple Process:

Get behind the wheel faster with our streamlined application, ensuring rapid approvals for new and used vehicles.

Competitive Interest Rates:

Enjoy some of the most attractive rates in the market.

Flexible Terms:

Find a repayment plan that suits your budget.

Zero Deposit Options:

Dream big, even with no upfront payment.

Contact Finance EZI now for a no-obligation pre-approval.

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Secured Car Loans With Finance Ezi


Enjoy the predictability of fixed repayments with our secured car loans. Knowing your exact payment amount each month simplifies budgeting and financial planning, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Our commitment is to provide stability in your financial journey.


Why pay more when you can pay less? With Finance Ezi, our secured car loans mean lower interest rates for you. The safety and security provided by your collateral allow us to offer more attractive rates, helping you save money over the life of your loan.


Dream big and pay small with Finance Ezi’s balloon payment options. Finance Ezi offers flexible balloon payment options for secured car loans, allowing you to reduce your regular loan repayments. 

Let our finance specialists guide you to a plan that ensures safety, security, and savings.

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Secured Car Loan Options


A Chattel Mortgage is the most common loan type for acquiring a new or used car through secured financing. As the borrower, you take immediate ownership of the vehicle, securing the loan as movable personal property under a chattel mortgage. This arrangement allows you the flexibility to finance 100% of the vehicle’s cost, with 1-7-year loan terms and a fixed interest rate. Chattel mortgages stand out for their ability to use the asset as a taxable offset, enhancing financial management for you or your business. 


The Low Doc Loan, also known as No Doc, Self Dec, or Lite Doc, offers a low or no-documentation loan option for borrowers seeking a secured car loan without the need for extensive financial documentation of income or assets. This loan type relies on an assessment of the borrower’s business tenure and financial standing, making it ideal for individuals or businesses with little or no ‘provable’ servicing capability but still requiring regular or monthly repayments on secured car loans. 


Refinancing your car loan can be a strategic move to save money on your existing car loan repayments. At Finance Ezi, we understand the importance of finding a loan refinance solution that suits your financial needs. By refinancing, you can benefit from lower interest rates or more favourable terms, ultimately reducing your monthly expenses. Our team is dedicated to doing all the heavy lifting for you, ensuring you get the best secured car loan to refinance option, tailored specifically to meet your goals and save you money.

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How Does a Secured Car Loan Work?

A secured car loan allows a buyer to use the car as security or collateral, offering competitive interest rates, whether the vehicle is new or used, as long as it’s in good condition.

When you apply for financing through a secured car loan, the lender can repossess the vehicle if the buyer defaults on payments. Unlike different kinds of car loans that may have variable rates, secured car loan rates are fixed, making budgeting easier.

If you’re interested in a secured loan, contact our finance specialists at Finance Ezi for personalised assistance.

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We Make Car Loans Easy

We will get you the best car personal loan rate for your credit profile – no worries!


  • Easy Online Application:
    Our paperless application process allows you to apply online within minutes, streamlining your path to financial assistance.  

  • Flexible Loans:
    We tailor loans to meet your needs, offering lower fixed rate loans with balloon payment options for added flexibility, ensuring the best loan structure for your financial situation.

  • Competitive Rates:
    Expect competitive rates on finance for cars, ensuring you get the best car finance rate available.

  • Multiple Loan Choices:
    With access to multiple lenders, we can help secure a deal that best suits you, providing options and flexibility.

  • Fast Approval:
    Say goodbye to long waits; our personalised customer service means fast approval so you can move forward quickly.

  • 35+ Trusted Lenders:
    Leverage our expansive network of business partners, cultivated over 10 years, to access the lowest rates in the market.

  • Personalised Service:
    Our professional team offers real person-to-person support throughout the entire process, from application until your car loan is settled, ensuring a seamless experience.


Apply now and experience the ease and efficiency of securing your car loan with us. 

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How Much Could You Borrow?

Discover how easy managing your car finance can be with Finance Ezi’s car loan calculator. Whether you’re exploring secured car loan options, comparing interest rates, or considering monthly fees over one to seven years, this tool simplifies the process. Know your potential repayments and get a head start by applying for a pre-approved loan.

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Secured Car Loan FAQs

What is a secured car loan?

A secured car loan involves borrowing funds to purchase a vehicle, which then serves as collateral for the loan. Lenders typically require the vehicle to be in good condition and may allow for both new and used vehicles. This type of loan is “secured” because the lender can repossess the vehicle if repayments are not made, to recover the outstanding balance.

Is a secured loan good for a car?

Yes, a secured loan can be good for purchasing a car, offering lower interest rates with the vehicle as collateral, potentially leading to reduced overall costs and monthly payments. This type of loan usually requires making timely payments to avoid repossession.

Do you need a deposit for a secured car loan?

At Finance Ezi, you don’t have to have a deposit to get a car loan. While a deposit can bring advantages like lower interest rates by improving the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR), our flexible financing options accommodate different financial situations, making loans accessible without the obligatory deposit.

What is the difference between a secured and unsecured car loan?

A secured car loan needs collateral, usually the car, that the lender can repossess if payments are not made. This usually means lower interest rates and possibly longer terms. An unsecured loan, without collateral, is riskier for lenders, so they have higher interest rates and shorter terms. They might have fixed or variable interest rates, but secured loans often have favourable fixed-rate options.

How do I compare secured car loans?

To compare secured car loans, evaluate the annual percentage rate (APR), interest rates, car loan term length, and total loan amount. Consider lenders’ reputations, eligibility criteria, and any additional repayments, charge fees or features, such as prepayment penalties or flexible payment options. Speak to our finance specialists for personalised advice on your needs.

Do I qualify for a secured car loan?

To qualify for a secured car loan, you’ll need a steady income, a stable employment, and residency. While a good credit history is preferred, having bad credit won’t necessarily rule you out. Your vehicle acts as collateral. Finance Ezi can help guide you through your choices, even if you’re dealing with credit issues.

How long does it take to get an answer on secured loans?

At Finance Ezi, we understand the importance of time. With over 10 years of experience in providing secured loans, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer quick, transparent services. Your loan can often be arranged on the same day, ensuring a quick and fast process to get you moving forward.

what our Clients say…

I have been a client of Finance Ezi for close to seven years and my dealings with Ryan since his appointment as Finance Manager have been excellent. His foresight to look outside the box and therefore the big picture has been a blessing. Ryan’s processing of paperwork is impeccable and in my circumstances, like most applicants, there is always something different with every application. Therefore, I have great respect for Ryan and will continue to utilise his knowledge and experience.

Peter Jones

Partnering with Finance Ezi is the direct bridge to your business’ overall financial success. With access to domestic and global funds, you can be confident that your business will receive the ultimate finance deals to optimise your customer relations and profits.

Frank Smith

We have had the easiest approval and helpful service from you. You are a credit to the company and we are extremely happy with the outcome. We are looking forward to getting the boat on the water and have booked our boat license. We would not only recommend you to our friends/family but will definitely return for future finance. Thank you so much.

Fiona Carroll


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