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Van Finance Made Easy: Let Finance Ezi Handle Your Van Purchase


Need to expand your fleet or upgrade your van for your business? Finance EZI offers tailored van finance solutions with competitive rates starting at a 5.99% comparison rate (7.11%). With a network of over 35+ lenders, we cater to all types of customers, ensuring you find the perfect van loan for either business purposes or personal use.

  • Competitive interest rates

  • Business Van Loans

  • Suitable terms

  • Affordable repayments

  • Quick and hassle-free

  • Wide lender network

  • Flexible monthly repayments

Whether you are looking for a work van or a van for personal lifestyle enhancement, Finance EZI simplifies your van purchase process with quick approvals and flexible financing options. Get in touch with us at 1300 003 003 for a simple, efficient path to your new van.


The Benefits of Van Finance

We Make Van Loans Easy

Pre-approved Van Finance

Quick, hassle-free pre-approval with Finance Ezi.

Competitive Interest Rates

Ensure you get the best deal with our competitive interest rates.

Flexible Repayment Terms

Tailor your repayment schedule to fit your business’s budget and needs.

Cash Flow Preservation

Spread the cost over time, keeping your business’s capital intact.

Tax Deductible

Secure tax advantages by deducting interest on chattel mortgages, leases, and rentals, alongside depreciation benefits for business use.

Get a Van loan or a quick quote with Finance Ezi – your growth partner!


Secure Van Finance with Finance Ezi

Your Partner for Van Financing in Australia

At Finance Ezi, we understand that our clients have different needs. Whether you’re a business owner keeping things running or someone wanting the freedom a van brings, we’ve got your back.

That’s why we’ve got a variety of van loan choices just for you and your financial situation. Starting at a competitive 5.99% comparison rate (7.11%), we’re all about making financing easy and affordable for you.

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Van Loan Options

Commercial Vehicle Loan

Our secured jet ski loans are backed by collateral—typically the jet ski itself. This arrangement offers you lower interest rates, thanks to the reduced risk for us as your lender. Our rates start from an attractive 5.99%, with a comparison rate of 7.11%, ensuring your repayments are fixed and manageable throughout the loan term. 

Hire Purchase (HP)

If spreading the cost over time suits your budget better, our HP option is ideal. With fixed loan terms ranging from 1 to 7 years, you can make regular repayments that cover both the principal and interest. This way, you gain full ownership of the van at the end of the term, supporting your long-term business goals.

Personal Loans

Consider a personal loan from Finance Ezi to finance your dream van. We assist you throughout the application process, securing a fixed interest rate that suits your financial landscape.

Secured Van Loans


Choosing a secured loan could get you a better interest rate since your new van acts as collateral. You’ll enjoy flexible terms and manageable monthly payments, making your finances easier.

Unsecured Van Loans


If using your van as collateral doesn’t suit you, our unsecured van loan is an alternative. Despite potentially higher interest rates, our team at Finance Ezi is dedicated to finding the most cost-effective solution for you.

Business Van Loans


For businesses looking into van financing, Business Van Loans stand out as a solid option. By using the vehicle as collateral, you can get better rates and possible tax deductions, making it a smooth way to own a van while staying financially efficient.

Getting approved for a van loan with Finance Ezi is easy. Our goal is to have you hit the road quickly. Whether you’re upgrading, expanding your fleet, or buying your first van, count on us to support you at every turn.


Pre-approved Van Finance

Did you know you can get a pre-approved van finance before shopping for a new van? This way, you’ll know your borrowing limit upfront, giving you more bargaining power whether you choose a dealership or a private seller.

Get your van pre-approved loan at the best interest rate online today!



If you’ve got a van in mind or you’re checking out options and budgeting, our van finance calculator can help you estimate loan repayments. Use our van loan calculator here.

Let Finance EZI take care of your van financing hassle-free! Apply online today or give us a call toll-free at 1300 003 003 to chat with our friendly team for more info. We provide financing across Australia, from Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide.

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Secure Van Finance with Finance Ezi

Choose Finance Ezi for your van financing needs across Australia and partner with a team committed to empowering businesses, both large and small. We specialise in financing all types of vans and offer guidance through the process to ensure you secure competitive rates from over 35+ lenders, starting as low as 5.99%.

With Finance Ezi, boost your business mobility with confidence, knowing we’ve got your back every step of the way.



Can I get a van on finance through my business?

Sure, you can finance a van if your business brings in enough income to cover the loan payments.

What are the rates?

The starting rate for financing a business van is as competitive as 5.99%.

Can I finance a used/second-hand van?

Yes. Financing options for businesses extend to both purchasing and leasing pre-owned commercial vans.

Can sole traders buy a van?

Yes, sole traders can finance a commercial vehicle, but they will do so in the same manner an individual finances a personal car, rather than as a corporation.

Can I claim my van lease payments on tax?

Yes. Lease payments and HP payments for commercial vans are fully tax-deductible.

How long does a business need to be trading to get van finance or a lease?

Most lenders prefer businesses to have been trading for at least two years to qualify for van finance or a lease. Speak to our finance specialist, who can guide you through the eligibility criteria and help find the best financing solution for your business needs.

What is a van hire purchase?

A van hire purchase is a finance option that merges leasing and loan benefits, ideal for acquiring a new van. It involves paying an initial deposit followed by monthly instalments, with terms ranging from 24 to 60 months. While similar to a loan, during the agreement, you don’t own the van but are renting it until the final payment transfers ownership to you.

Do I need to inspect the Van before I purchase it?

Yes, inspecting the van before purchase, especially in private sales, is crucial. Most finance companies often require a third-party inspection to ensure the van’s VIN and Engine Number match the Registration papers and Tax Invoice. This verification process is essential for the bank to finalise the financing agreement, ensuring you are investing in an authentic and accurately represented vehicle.

Can I get a Van loan for private use?

Yes, at Finance Ezi, we offer van loans specifically designed for private use. Understanding the unique needs of our customers, we provide competitive financing options to help you acquire a van for personal or leisure purposes. Our dedicated team ensures you receive flexible terms and affordable rates, making the process smooth and accessible. Contact us to discuss your private van loan options.

Can I still qualify for van finance if I have bad credit?

Yes, at Finance Ezi, you can still qualify for van finance even with bad credit. We understand that circumstances vary, and we assess each application on its merits. Having your financial statements or bank statements ready can improve your chances of approval, as we work to find the best solution for your situation.

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what our Clients say…

I have been a client of Finance Ezi for close to seven years and my dealings with Ryan since his appointment as Finance Manager have been excellent. His foresight to look outside the box and therefore the big picture has been a blessing. Ryan’s processing of paperwork is impeccable and in my circumstances, like most applicants, there is always something different with every application. Therefore, I have great respect for Ryan and will continue to utilise his knowledge and experience.

Peter Jones

Partnering with Finance Ezi is the direct bridge to your business’ overall financial success. With access to domestic and global funds, you can be confident that your business will receive the ultimate finance deals to optimise your customer relations and profits.

Frank Smith

We have had the easiest approval and helpful service from you. You are a credit to the company and we are extremely happy with the outcome. We are looking forward to getting the boat on the water and have booked our boat license. We would not only recommend you to our friends/family but will definitely return for future finance. Thank you so much.

Fiona Carroll


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