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Budget International Holiday Destinations

We know how it feels, grinding away at the office every day and dreaming of exotic destinations and delicious cocktails, but it’s hard to imagine making that dream come true when you’re on a budget. There are great destinations around the world that are ideal for budget travel.  Here is a bit of info regarding Budget International Holiday Destinations

Want to know how to travel cheaply? Check out our list of the top ten budget international holiday destinations for cheap travel below.

10 Of The Best Budget International Holiday Destinations

Vietnam: #1

If you’re looking for an incredibly beautiful yet incredibly cheap holiday, Vietnam is your dream destination. You can easily get by for under $15 AUD a day and experience the amazing local food, transport and maybe even a drink or two. Did you know there’s a lot of French influence in this culture? Don’t be surprised if you walk past a patisserie and a pho noodle shop right next to each other.

Cambodia: #2

For a truly unique experience hop on a flight to Cambodia. Your wallet will also feel like it’s on vacation with the little money you’ll be spending. Make sure to visit the UNESCO Heritage Site, Angkor Wat while you’re in town.  Did you know it’s the largest religious monument in world?

Malbec: #3

Learn Salsa with locals, enjoy incredible beef and wine, all while spending next to nothing. Sure, it’s a little pricier than Cambodia and Vietnam, but it’s also incredibly unique with its bohemian city life and outstanding nature. Domestic flights and buses around the country tend to be cheap too so don’t stay in one place; try Buenos Aires and Patagonia for two completely different feels.

Bulgaria: #4

Wondering where the European countries are on the list? Bulgaria is your answer. Here you’ll be able to avoid the major crowds of popular tourist destinations like Spain, while  experiencing incomparable culture for a quarter of the cost.

Dominican Republic: #5

Looking for an island getaway that’s completely new to you? Check out the Dominican. Picture white sand beaches, beautiful palms, water sports, and all for around $100 AUD a night. Sure, it’s a little pricier than your average ‘cheap destination’ but it’s well worth it.

The Great Barrier Reef: #6

If you haven’t yet travelled to this absolutely incredible location, it’s about time you go. Experience sea life up close and personal and see creatures straight out of a Pixar film.  Cheap domestic flights are always on the go, so set a Google alert and head off to Cairns for a once in a lifetime trip.

Nashville, USA: #7

Have you always wanted to make a trip over to the US but just haven’t been able to justify the funds? Nashville is a great taste of culture for half the price of typical US Cities. You’ll experience amazing live music, even better food and moonshine that just can’t be legal… but it is.

Nepal: #8

Whether you want to trek through the awe-inspiring Himalayas and visit base camp, or soak up the culture, you’ll get the biggest bang for buck here and have unbelievable stories to tell when you return home.

Sri Lanka: #9

Get here before the rest of the tourists do – this place is hot! It’s rumoured to be one of the most popular destinations in the upcoming years so beat the crowds to experience beautiful mountains, even better beaches, tea plantations and blue skies. Rumour has it you can live like a king or queen for less than $40 AUD a day. Well worth the trip!

India: #10

One of the most beautiful and most populous countries in the world = remarkable culture unlike anything you’ve seen before. Whether you want explore street markets and food stalls, or take the fast train through the major cities, you’ll be hard-pressed to go over budget here.

Budget International Holiday Destinations Wrap Up

Haven’t found a Budget International Holiday Destinations that suits your fancy or do you already have your heart set on a place?  It’s still possible! At Finance Ezi we can help you make your travel dreams come true. Check out our loan calculator  and contact us on 1300 003 003 to talk about finance for the trip of a lifetime.

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