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We know eating healthy and staying on budget doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. In fact, it’s often one of the most difficult aspects of eating healthy. We’re constantly bombarded by articles, blogs and television shows talking about the benefits of things like clean eating, organic foods, and fad diets like Paleo, but no one ever explains how to afford this type of diet. Here are some ideas for the best budget friendly super foods.

When you visit the grocery store all of the organic food is often twice as expensive as the rest of the produce on the shelves, so how can we possibly eat healthy for our bodies and our budget? Well today we’re going to explore some of the most reasonably-priced, budget-friendly super foods to boost your diet, satisfy your stomach, and keep your wallet full.

Home-grown blueberries:

Did you know throughout the majority of Australia, blueberries thrive? Not only is this plant incredibly cheap ($20 for a bush!) but it’s also one of the healthiest foods out there. If you’re interested in staying heart healthy on a budget it’s time to go out and invest in your first blueberry bush!

Home-grown kale:

While you’re planting your blueberry bushes you should consider planting some kale. It grows easily in most climates and you can put it directly into the garden or in a pot if you don’t have much outdoor space. Kale is exceedingly reasonable, full of antioxidants and vitamins to help boost your health and immune system.

Eggs are an essential part of our diet:

They’re packed with proteins, vitamins and healthy fats. The best part about them? For the amount of health benefits they provide, they are a great deal.

Your morning porridge:

Oats are much cheaper than other breakfast options and much more beneficial for the body, with plenty of fibre and complex carbohydrates!

Canned or dried beans:

Whether canned or dried, beans are fairly priced and packed with loads of fibre and protein for your body. If you integrate more beans in your diet you can rest assured both your body and your wallet will be thankful!

A spot of tea:

Want a cheaper alternative to coffee? A single tea bag can cost less than 10 cents and give your body a healthy boost of caffeine and antioxidants.


it’s notoriously healthy and full of great probiotics, but did you know you can even make it at home to save money and still get the same great benefits?


You may have heard of the latest Turmeric Latte trend. But in case you haven’t, turmeric is one of the best super foods. It’s packed with anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants, and the best part – you can easily sprinkle turmeric on many of your dishes to receive maximum benefits at an incredibly low cost!

Canned fish:

If you’re looking for some healthy fats for your bones, heart and joints. Canned tuna is one of the best options. Canned fish is much cheaper than buying tuna steaks, but still full of the same great benefits.

Last but certainly not least;

oranges are full of vitamin c & fibre. They’re also one of the most reasonably priced fruits available!

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