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Australian Wildlife

We all venture out of the comfort of our homes to the outback for one thing: to get closer to nature. In this, Noah Beach delivers and in a big way. It’s our top choice for the best place to witness Aussie critters. This small but secluded beach and its surrounding forest is located in Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park, North Queensland. Home to interesting wildlife that will leave you in awe and more in touch with nature.

Beach Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park

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The beach itself is worth the trip if you are looking to just relax. Find some shade and lounge all day! It’s not every day that you find a beautiful beach that isn’t crowded. There is a cafe close by where you can grab a meal before being decidedly lazy all day.

Sorry to break it out to surfers but surfing is simply not a possibility because the waves never get big enough here. However, if you want to cool off, there is a swimming hole a couple of kilometres from the camping grounds where you can take a quick dip.

What Australian Wildlife can be seen?

For a bit more action, fishing and bird-watching are some of the activities you can do at Noah’s Creek and Cooper’s Creek. Trail walks in the Daintree rainforest during daytime are always a rewarding experience being surrounded by lush flora and occasionally getting to meet the critters that populate the area –orange-footed scrubfowls building nests or finding food, lace monitor lizards… However, taking night walk is where the real excitement is at as most of animals in the area, like the Northern Brown Bandicoot, are nocturnal. Set your cameras on night mode and be prepared to take some photos, just be sure not to be too intrusive or disruptive of their routines.

Camping tips

There are 15 campsites around the beach. All of which have different layouts but all have fencing around them to help protect the surrounding greenery. This makes it quite a challenge to bring your vehicle really close to where you camp. It’s a pretty manageable inconvenience unless you want to run electronics from your car. Take note that the area surrounding Noah Beach cannot be accessed by caravans so this destination is not one for caravanning parties.

Daintree critter

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If you have the option, bring a dome tent. This will save you the trouble of pegging your tent into the ground. The tent areas have compacted gravel which makes setting up a tougher job.

Campsites are paid. As of July 2016, it’s $6.15 per adult per night, and $24 for a family of 8 with 2 adults. Advanced booking is required. There is a cap on the stay with a maximum of 7 consecutive nights.

Where to camp

All 15 campsites are pretty much equal in quality and only the distance from the beach is variable. During the warmer months, you might want to choose a camp closer to the beach. Possibly to catch a bit of breeze. Thicker vegetation encloses the inner camps. This makes it more humid.

Above Image Source: Mike Davison –

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