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Don't trust interest free finance

Does a 0% interest rate on a loan sound too good to be true?


0% Finance. Wow! Sounds too good to be true right?

HINT: It probably is.

During the upcoming end of financial year sales, many sales people will be pushing products that come with  0% finance interest .

Although this may sound like a good deal, you can be certain that they will use other methods to make that money back and it will end up costing you more.

Take a look at our short video so you can learn the common ways that car dealerships try to make up the money you think you’re going to “save” when you accept a 0% finance deal.


Don’t become a victim of the 0% finance loan during the upcoming end of financial year sales.

If you’re currently looking at purchasing a new vehicle, avoid the dealer traps and opt for a personally tailored finance solution that won’t end up costing more than you bargained for with Finance Ezi.

We specialise in REAL finance solutions that help you avoid paying top dollar at a dealership or private sale. Remember the true cost of a loan is the sum of all your repayments. Our process is simple, transparent and quick.

We utilise your prior history and/or current situations strengths to negotiate rates. These usually are many percent below what dealerships and banks have to offer. We are not bound to the typical rules of buying only a new vehicle purchase or a car that’s less ten 5 years old. Most of all, we avoid the unnecessary credit enquiries on your credit report by going to the best lender for you, the first time.

So to get started with a quick quote or application, here is what you need to do

  • Fill in our website quick quote form –
  • Wait for our call (which usually takes 5-10 minutes) to go through your finer details
  • Look for your car, caravan, boat or bike while we get your lowest rate approval

We take all the fuss out of it for you and make it very easy. So you can get on with your work or busy lifestyle.

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Finance Ezi | Australian Finance Brokers