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benefits of using finance

When it comes to making large purchases or investments, many people face the decision of whether to pay outright or to finance the purchase. While paying outright may seem like the more financially responsible choice, there are actually several benefits to financing a purchase. Keep reading to find out the benefits of using finance!

Preservation of Cash

By financing a purchase, individuals and businesses can preserve their cash for other expenses or investments. This can be especially important for small businesses or those just starting out, as they may need to maintain a certain level of cash flow to stay operational.

Access to Assets

Financing a purchase can provide access to assets that may not be available if paying outright. This can include real estate, vehicles, or equipment that can be used to generate income or grow a business.

Tax Advantages

In some cases, financing a purchase can provide tax advantages. For example, the interest paid on a business loan may be tax-deductible, which can lower the overall cost of the purchase.


Financing a purchase allows for more flexibility in terms of payments, as the cost can be spread out over time. This can make it easier for individuals and businesses to budget and plan for the expense.

Improved Credit

Financing a purchase can also help to improve credit, as long as the payments are made on time and in full. A good credit history can lead to more favourable loan terms and interest rates in the future.

While it may be tempting to pay outright for a purchase, financing can provide a number of benefits. It allows individuals and businesses to preserve cash, access assets, and take advantage of tax and credit benefits while also giving more flexibility in terms of payments. It is important to consider all options and weigh the pros and cons before making any decision, but do keep in mind these benefits of using finance!

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