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Finding The Right Boat

Whether you’re new to the open water or you’ve been boating for years, there are many questions you should be asking yourself to find the right boat. We put together a few tips to help you weather the storm:

What will you use the boat for?

What you need your boat for and where you’ll be using it will help determine what hull design you need. And there are many, from sleek low profiles for wake boats, deep-hulled designs for offshore boats, flat-hulled aluminium for fly-fishing and more.

Tip: identify all your performance criteria before beginning a search!

Where will it be stored?

The size of your boat is limited by the access you’ll have to a storage area, whether it be your backyard, a trailer or even a marina. First, measure up to avoid disappointment later. Australia has a massive coastline and secure moorings are available at many marinas within close proximity of launching facilities.

Tip: take a tape measure when buying!

Who will be operating the boat?

Without careful consideration, you may find that you need a new car to pull your new boat. First, research its weight and power ratio, plus the number of people who will be there to assist you getting it in (and out) of the water. If you’re inexperienced, some boats can be hard to handle.

Tip: think about recreation vs. function and choose accordingly.

What’s your budget for the right boat?

As you can imagine, there are boats to suit all budgets, though many new boat builders are paying attention to clever user-friendly designs that can make boating more enjoyable than ever for negligible cost. And with the sales of new boats on the rise, there plenty of used-boat bargains to be had. If you need boat finance you can always talk to us at Finance EZI.

Tip: buy from a reputable dealer and remove the risk of buying a stolen or encumbered boat.

What are the safety requirements?

In all states of Australia, applicants for a boating licence must attend a compulsory course. It’s important to know the dangers associated with boating and how to be safe on the water. There are plenty of fun, interactive courses at locations across Australia.

Tip: discuss your safety requirements with your dealer and make sure you know how everything works.

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