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3 Money-Saving tips for Buying a New Car

Don’t we all dream of that new car smell, the smooth ride and the envious look on your neighbour’s face as you pull into your driveway in your new car. There are certain things that making a new car worth it, as well as getting the best price possible. Here are 3 money saving tips for buying a new car:


The time of year can have a large impact on how much or how little you pay for your car. There are two times a year where you could score a great deal on the price of your new car. One being, the end of financial year where dealers are eager to hit their sales targets for the year or surpass last year’s record. This is where you could score yourself cut-price deals or even a few added free extras. Another great time of year to purchase a new car is in December, as car manufactures tend to push dealers to sell the current year models of cars before the calendar year ends.

Get a Finance Broker

Saving money on your car loan is definitely possible with the help of a finance broker (especially those from Finance EZI 😉 ) By using a broker this cuts costs almost immediately by avoiding dealer finance which can often be unfavourable. In contrast to working with a finance broker, they will find you a large amount of different competitive rates on the market to tailor the right finance option for you.  That way, you can feel confident that you are getting your new car at the best price.

Demo Models

At some point, car dealers will need to get rid of their demo model cars (which tend to have all the best added features) to make room for new ones. This is where you come in. Ask your dealer if they have any demo cars for sale as these cars offer great savings, low kms and additional features to get more bang for your buck.

Have you followed our 3 Money Saving tips for Buying a New Car and are ready to ride? Contact us to get the best finance on your new car!

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