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Mothers Day Is Coming Up

Mothers Day is almost here and if you’re a procrastinator like so many of us, it’s likely you haven’t yet sorted out a plan for your very own mum (or your wife, grandmother etc.).

That’s okay! There’s still time to sort out gifts and put a well-deserved smile on your mum’s face. Are you trying to stay on budget while you shop? No problem!

We’ve put together some of our favourite gift ideas that will make mum happy and won’t break the bank!

  1. Plant her a tree. Stop by your nearest outdoor store, farm or farmers market and buy your mum a beautiful tree. Then, on Mothers Day, plant it for her. She’ll love how symbolic it is and together you’ll be able to watch the tree grow for years to come.
  2. Take her out for the day. Quality time is one of the best gifts you can give and so much more meaningful than purchasing the first thing you see at a department store. Take her to see any movie she wants or even just go out for a nice cup of coffee and some quality catch up time! Quality time doesn’t need a gift receipt!
  3. Invite her over for brunch. You may have outgrown the breakfast in bed stage (though if this gift is for your wife, it’s a great option!) but you’re never too late to host a brunch in favour of your dear old mum. Make her favourites, put the kettle on and relax on your Sunday morning together.
  4. Make her something meaningful. Everyone has a talent or hobby of their own, why not make your mum a part of that and give her a handmade gift? Whether you’ve got carpentry skills and can build her a bookcase, love to knit and can knit her a scarf, or are a guitarist that can write a song just for her, it doesn’t matter as long as you made it.
  5. Offer your services. If you don’t know what you can make her, consider helping her out! Give her a gift card for your own time! Perhaps she needs help cleaning out the garage or would like someone else to mow the lawn for a change—offer her your expertise and she’ll be thrilled for the break.
  6. Give her memories. We all have a wealth of family memories in photo or video form so why not re-use them all for a great gift? Not sure what we mean? You can create a photo album, convert old VHS family videos to DVD, or perhaps even scan all your photos so your mum will never have to worry about them aging—they’ll be in a digital format she can keep forever. Be careful though, this gift is sure to be a tear-jerker!

So if you’ve been dreaming of being your mum’s favourite your whole life this may just be your year!  But really, try a meaningful gift instead of a monetary one and both you and your mum will love it—not to mention you’ll save some money!

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