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Winter is well and truly upon us, and despite living in the tropics of Queensland – we’d be bending the truth if we said we weren’t feeling it (even just a little).

Reports show that almost 40% of household power use relates to heating during winter, and combined with the severe increase in the price of electricity, utility bills have started to sting a lot more than they used to.

Comfort and warmth shouldn’t be sacrificed for a lower electricity bill, so we’ve put together some tips to keep you warmer and spending less.

Deal or no deal

If you’re after a quick solution to counteract rising power bills, do some research with different energy providers to see who can offer you a better deal.

Check your windows!

A huge amount of heat is lost through windows. Ensure there aren’t any cracks left open, and perhaps look at investing in double glazing which can significantly cut heating loss.

Use a fireplace – or a gas heater

The old-fashioned fireplace is not only a great source of heat but also a fantastic way to use less electricity. Gas heaters will also warm up rooms faster than electric counterparts and don’t cost near as much as electricity.

Lights out, heating off

Warm up your bedroom prior to going to sleep and turn it off before you jump in. Leaving it on all night is not only expensive but can also be potentially dangerous.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Yes, you read that correctly – and there are a few ways to do it! After a nice warm bath, leave the water to dissipate into your home and assist in warming it up. Otherwise, if you’ve just finished cooking a roast dinner, leave the oven slightly open after you’ve switched it off. The hot air will help warm up the room.

If you feel it’s time to insulate, rewire, double glazed, or make any other changes to your home to improve its energy efficiency, talk to us at Finance EZI today. Call us on 1300 003 003 to discuss your finance options or alternatively, apply online using our quick application form.

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