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Caravanning with Dogs

You may be a seasoned camper and know just about everything about travelling with humans. However, caravanning with dogs is a different experience that requires preparation in which you might not be used to. Fret not, prepping for the trip is not hard –you just need to make a unique checklist of things to do before the trip. And for all its worth, travelling with your four-legged best friend is an experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

caravanning with dogs - one

Train for the trip

Most dogs love going out for rides but a lot of them also get sick pretty easily. Don’t head for a long, ambitious road trip until your fur baby gets some travel training. Weeks prior to the trip, take them out for drives that cover more distances each time. When the day of your big trip comes, your pooch will be more than ready.

caravanning with dogs - two


Make sure that your dog has finished all treatments and vaccinations. Different states have varying requirements for travelling pets so it’s best to cover all the bases.

caravanning with dogs - three

Bring their favourite treats

As fun as it is for you, the change of scenery and routine can cause distress to your pet. One way to lessen this stress is by bringing their favourite treats or by preparing their favourite meal. This is not the best time to try out that new brand. You don’t want Fido hating you now when you’re supposed to ride out into the sunset together.

caravanning with dogs - four

Doggy first aid

Dogs should have first aid kits, too. When caravanning with dogs, don’t forget to bring their vitamins, medicines, and while we’re at it, their grooming tools. Nothing like sick or smelly Fido to bring the mood down, not only for you but for your dog as well.

caravanning with dogs - five

Take vaccination and deworming records

Don’t forget to bring the registration, vaccination, and deworming papers for your dog. As we stated above, certain states have requirements. They will be checked in some places. This will come in handy in cases of emergency too.

caravanning with dogs - six

Don’t forget the can opener

So okay, you’re well-stocked on dog food, all of them canned. Dinner time comes and you take out the can from the cupboard as your fur baby drools with anticipation. Then it dawns on you… you have no can opener. Just put this on your checklist, alright?

caravanning with dogs - seven

Comfortable bedding

Your dog deserves to get some good shut-eye too. Sleeping outside the home will be quite an uncomfortable experience for your pet for at least the first couple of days. Make your caravan feel at home for your fur baby by bringing the bedding they use back in your home.

caravanning with dogs - eight

Dog shoes

If this is your dog’s first time out in the wild, then they won’t be used to the new terrain they’ll be walking on. One of the most popular choices is the Kurgo Step-N-Strobe Dog Shoes. These are lightweight shoes that are comfortable for dogs to wear and protects their paws from heat or cold. And here’s the cool part: they have soles that glow in the dark!

caravanning with dogs - nine

Tracking device

Dogs are smart but they can still easily get lost in a new environment. You still have to keep an eye on them. It’s just like having a human baby except you can let this one crawl freely around and you can put a leash on him/her. But dogs like to wander around too so consider getting a tracking device. You have several options for this. You can either fit them with a collar with a GPS or have them microchipped. Regardless of which you pick, make sure your contact details are on the collar as well. Microchips can be read at the vet but if somebody finds your dog just within the close vicinity, you can save the finder a trip to the vet before pooch is returned to you.

caravanning with dogs - ten

Do your research

Sadly, your adorable fur baby isn’t exactly welcome everywhere. Find out in advance which caravan parks and national parks do not allow pets. Check out park websites and read reviews of people who have stayed there. The good news is, for every park that isn’t pet-friendly there is one that will welcome you and your dog with open arms.


If you are reading this, chances are you have taken a road trip before but you’re new to travelling with a pet. However, if you’re merely entertaining the thought of caravanning with your dog but haven’t got a caravan yet, we can help you. From hunting the best caravan to choosing the most affordable finance plan, Finance Ezi can offer expert advice to help you get ready for your next big vacation.

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