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Pristine is the first word that springs to mind when you see the beaches of Booderee National Park. The white sand seems to glow bright under the hot sun, a beautiful prelude to the cool blue of the bay ahead. It’s not too much to say that it feels like paradise around here.


Apart from the gorgeous Hyams Beach, which has the whitest sand you’ve ever seen, Booderee National Park has more to offer than just basking in the serene view all day. Actually the water is quite excellent, too.

Sea creatures at Booderee National Park

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Surfers love Cave Beach where the waves that are ideal for surfing. Other water activities to enjoy include diving, snorkelling, and paddleboarding. Diving spots can be found around Jervis Bay and they are perfect for newly-certified divers and for those who have only started exploring the open waters. The bay is also the place to try kayaking and paddleboarding. If you don’t have your own equipment, there are companies in the that provide these.

Eager to explore the underwater view? Murrays Beach and Scottish Rocks is where you should head as these are great snorkelling locations.

The wildlife at Booderee National Park is something to experience too. Kangaroos and vibrant lorikeets are a fixture in the area and are not difficult to spot at all. Chances are you will come across a couple on your way to Hyams Beach. Boderoo’s marine life is also rich –come here between June and July, or September and November to see the whales and if you’re extra lucky, some very playful dolphins. Tours of the bay are available for a chance to see these magnificent creatures up close.

Cyclists are welcome to bring their bicycles –the park can be explored either on foot or on bike and paths are available for both options.

Educational and Fun

Bushwalks around the park double as an educational experience. The park is partly managed by its traditional owners –the Koori people — and they use the guided walks as an opportunity to raise awareness of their culture and history.

The Aboriginal cultural program includes teaching kids (and even adults) about their abundant natural resources, gathering of food and medicine from the bushes, and learning how to read signs of seasonal and climatic changes in nature.

Booderee beach cave

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Where to camp

There are 3 campgrounds to choose from inside Booderee National Park: Green Patch, Bristol Point, and Cave Beach.

All 3 sites are unpowered but have basic facilities. Green Patch has fresh water, toilets, and even hot showers! Gas BBQs are available but campers are advised to bring their own fuel stove for cooking their food. Same goes for Bristol Point with the extra advantage of this campsite being only 50 metres away from parking. Cave Beach also has the same amenities as the first two however, this campsite is more suitable for light camping meaning it can accommodate only tents smaller than 3 x 4.5 metres.

The campground takes bookings. Fees begin as $5 per night for children and $11 per night for adults.

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