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Owning a jet ski is a dream. All that freedom in the water, fun weekends with your friends, we could go on and on!

But in case you’re still having second thoughts about whether a jet ski will make a good investment, we’ve made this list of benefits will help you arrive at a decision.

10 Reasons Jet Skis Are Awesome

1. Perfect for solo or couple adventures

Being in the water with all of your friends is fun but there’s also a certain thrill that comes with riding off solo or intimately with just with your partner. Whether you own a Jet Ski, Waverunner or a Bombardier, it’s perfect for a quick getaway on the waters.

2. Cheaper water vessel

Who isn’t hooked yet with any water activity for recreation? Australia is surrounded by vast seas and ocean. We also have massive inland water bodies. That’s why boating, fishing, and towed sports are very popular amongst Aussies. If you are looking for a cheaper vessel to get on the water, then a jet ski your best choice. The cheapest new jet ski costs less than $5,500.

3. More convenient to use than boats

One of the benefits of owning a jet ski is it’s easier to handle and maneuver. It’s smaller and lighter, which make it more manageable to control compared to boats. Jet skis also require smaller trailers. This means you don’t need an SUV to tow it, a typical sedan will do.

4. Feel the adrenaline rush

Some people love the rush of adrenaline when riding motorcycles. The sense of excitement when speeding down the road is liberating. You can get the same thing with jet skis, and more. They are the motorbikes of the sea, but instead of being grounded, you’ll feel like flying while riding through the waves and the wind brushing against your face.

5. Save money on fuel

Jet skis have better fuel economy than most boats. It’s one of the many benefits of owning a jet ski that you won’t see right away, but you’ll be glad having it in the long run. Since they are lighter and smaller, it takes less fuel to propel them forward. It’s also far easier to tow. You can save fuel money on land and water. With jet skis, you can get greater mileage and go further on your trip.

6. Good fishing companion

Who says you need a proper boat to go fishing off-shore? With a jet ski, you can do that, no problem. In fact, jet ski fishing is one of the most popular segments in Australia’s fishing industry today. Most jet skis nowadays are built for fishing and come in with accessories like bait storage, coolers, and rod holders. Some jet skis offer extra seating to give you more room for casting.

7. Fits easily in your garage

If you’re planning on buying a personal watercraft, you must also think about where you’ll store it. One of the many benefits of owning a jet ski is its size. It doesn’t need much room to fit in a typical garage unlike most boats, which are usually parked in spacious marinas. You can easily store a jet ski without worrying about extra space at your home or somewhere else.

8. Good source of fun and entertainment.

When you own a jet ski, ‘boredom’ is a non-existing word. Jet skiing is a very fun activity that you can enjoy with friends and family members. You can even meet fellow jet ski owners and plan a trip or two. Whether you want to explore different places, catch some yellowtails or breams, or just chill out in the ocean; jet skis are a good option to keep you entertained.

9. Contributes to good health

The benefits of owning a jet ski are not limited to its capabilities on the water. They also extend to your personal health. Jet skiing helps you burn calories. The effort that it’ll take to maneuver and balance the jet ski will also strengthen the muscles in your core, arms, and feet. More importantly, the fun and excitement of riding will help release stress.

10. Brakes for extra safety

Another similarity between jet skis and motorcycles is the safety brake. PWCs, boats, and other water vessels slow down on their own once you release the throttle. The force of the water against the bow and hull will make the vessel stop eventually. However, crashes still happen and safety brakes will come in handy at these times. Sea-Doo calls their on-water braking system the Intelligent Brake and Reverse (IBR). With this new technology, you’ll have peace of mind while out in the waters.

These benefits of owning a jet ski are the reasons why we encourage you to buy one, especially when getting marine finance is so much easier with Finance Ezi.

We offer flexible jet ski financing options with low-interest rates to help you purchase a PWC according to your means.

Call us on 1300 003 003 or apply online to find out more information.

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