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Whether you’re a die-hard biker, or making the move from 4 wheels to 2, there are many important considerations. Here are a few tips to help you get started buying a motorbike:

Shop Around When Buying A Motorcycle

There are plenty of dealers and many of the major bike manufacturers are represented by factory-backed dealerships throughout Australia. These motorbike shops often have a huge range of models where you can compare specs and prices side by side.

Don’t forget, there’s also GumTree and numerous bike-only websites where you can shop for a used motorbike from a private seller.

Tip: if you’re after a rarity, don’t be afraid to search interstate, you’ll probably enjoy the ride home!

Test Ride

With the popularity of bikes on the rise, dealers are only too happy to oblige and many will agree to more than a ride around the block. If you’re after an extended experience, why not hire one for the weekend. It might help to know that BMW hire bikes out from some dealerships in Australia.

Tip: be sure to ride a variety of roads for at least 30 mins.


It’s unlikely that a bike’s in such high demand that you can’t knock 10% or more off the price. Don’t settle for the first one you see – it can be worth travelling a distance to get a better price, and don’t forget you can enjoy the ride home!

Tip: use the internet to email dealers your requirements to see if they’ll match the price.


If you’re paying the full sticker price be sure you’re getting the very latest specification. It’s possible your dealer is selling off last year’s model, which may not look too different to you or I, but it will adversely affect the resale price.

Tip: go for last year’s model to pocket a saving of around 20%.

Buying Second Hand

Most dealers have a range of trade-ins for sale. The price won’t be as competitive as if you bought privately, but a reputable dealer will allow you to test ride it without arranging your own motorbike insurance, and offer a warranty or service package.

Tip: dealers ensure the bike is not stolen and has no outstanding finance.


If you’re in the market for a new (or second hand) motorbike, talk to Finance EZI about bike finance. Either call us on 1300 003 003 to talk about our rates, or simply apply online to get things started today. View our guide to getting approved for bike finance to help you secure that deal first time round.

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