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7 Reasons to Buy an SUV Car

SUVs are rising as the most popular vehicle choice in Australia today. Just last year, SUVs surpassed the car sales of any other passenger car — an unfamiliar trend in the Australian automotive market. Based on reports, the top 5 best-selling SUVs alone sold more than 108,000 units. And according to a Roy Morgan survey, more than 623,000 Aussies are planning to purchase an SUV in the next four years. So the question is Should you buy an SUV?

We listed some of the reasons why this might be a smart choice.

1. SUV’s Have More Space for Everyone

SUV is a practical vehicle for big families because it has a larger seating capacity. It’s inarguably more stylish than a van and is more powerful to boot. An SUV’s large space and power also make it a better companion when transporting cargos.

2. Efficient Petrol Usage

Not long ago, SUVs were frowned upon for consuming too much petrol but not anymore. Newer SUV vehicles are more fuel efficient than they have ever been. Just take a look at the Mazda CX-5, the best-selling SUV of 2017 and first-half of 2018. It has an official fuel economy of 6.0L/100KM.

3. Tows More Weight

Do you tow a horse float, a caravan, or a boat trailer on the weekends? That is another reason to get an SUV. With an SUV, towing is a walk in the park. Medium SUVs like Mitsubishi ASX can tow up to 3000 lbs., while a large SUV like Ford Expedition has a maximum tow capacity of 9200 lbs.

4. Good Off-Road Rides

SUVs are more equipped and come with essential features for off-road compared to sedans or hatchbacks. Their suspension systems, transmissions, and differentials are designed to withstand rough terrain without sacrificing the passenger’s comfort and safety. Adding the large tyres and off-road cruise control features, you can easily navigate through muddy, sandy, or gravelled roads.

5. Better for Flooded Areas

Areas near inland rivers, like Western and Central NSW, Western Queensland and some parts of Western Australia, are prone to flooding. Small vehicles are no match in these conditions. SUVs like Ford Everest and Land Range Rover will give you a wading depth of up to three feet, which will eliminate these risks during heavy rains.

6. Competitive Prices

Due to the increasing popularity of SUVs over the last few years, especially the mid-sized segment, many new products have entered the Australian automotive market. This rise in competition resulted in low-priced and high-quality vehicles which are great on the part of consumers.

7. Higher Sitting Position

SUV offers a higher sitting height which gives an excellent view of the road and will help you avoid potential hazards. With a “command seating position”, you can navigate your way better, whether in an off-road or in a motorway.

Top 5 best-selling SUVs

The top 5 best-selling SUVs for the first half of 2018 are (in descending order):

  1. Mazda CX-5
  2. Toyota Rav4
  3. Nissan X-Trail
  4. Hyundai Tucson
  5. Mitsubishi ASX

The top 10 includes the Toyota Landcruiser Prado, Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-3, KIA Sportage, and Toyota Landcruiser.

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