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Are you looking for a simple way to make some extra cash this summer? Do you have a big trip coming up and you’d like to have some extra spending money? Well, we have the answer for you and it’s probably not what you were thinking of: A garage sale.

Garage sales are one of the best ways to make money.  They cost you virtually nothing to hold, they rid you of items you haven’t used or thought about in years, and most importantly: they can make you some serious money if done right.

So how so you make sure you do it right? Here are some easy garage sale tips to ensure success;

Make sure you promote it!

You can have some of the best items for sale, but if no one knows you’re hosting a garage sale, you’re probably not going to sell anything.

  • Make signs. They don’t have to be anything fancy, just a simple sign stating the time, date, and address of the sale. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and post them everywhere. They should be all around your neighbourhood, in local cafes and coffee shops, at surf clubs; wherever you’re allowed to post them. Remember though, whenever you do make a sign, avoid using the word ‘today’ as people do not know what day you posted the sign they are less likely to show up.
  • Advertise online. Websites like Gumtree have sections specifically for advertising garage sales. Take out a listing and you’ll be surprised how much your traffic can increase.  If you’re on social media go ahead and post the sale as a status to your friends and maybe even ask them to share. Social media is a great free tool to use when promoting your garage sale.

Select the perfect day

It should come as no surprise that weekday garage sales bring in much less revenue than those held on Saturdays or Sundays. A large portion of our population work Monday-Friday, so if you’re holding a garage sale during working hours you probably won’t get a great amount of footfall. If possible, always host your sale on a weekend or at the very least, during school holidays.  In addition, it’s never a bad idea to have a rain check in mind. The weather is particularly fickle this time of year and it’s not as enjoyable for people to shop during a major storm.

Be prepared

Make sure you have plenty of change and small bills to accommodate shoppers. They will also likely haggle with you on many of your prices so be sure that you’re comfortable negotiating and try to have an idea of what your ideal bottom line is.  If toward the end of the day you still haven’t sold everything you were hoping to, go ahead and announce that everything is half off. This will help you get rid of all your last items and hopefully boost that grand total a bit. Remember, if you don’t sell it, it will just keep taking up space in your home.

While a garage sale is a great way to make some extra pocket money, there are other options to get the funds to make your dreams come true. Find out how by contacting our experienced team today.

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