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Cars have so many features that we sometimes forget the best solutions are often the simplest. Check out some of these life hacks for car travel, driving, parking and looking after your vehicle that doesn’t require fancy devices or expensive accessories.

GPS – Whether you go for a Navman or use the map app on your phone, travelling by GPS prevents you from getting lost and often saves fuel by taking you the fastest, most efficient route.

Boost Your Remote – You won’t believe this one until you try it, but you can boost the distance of your car remote with your head. If you forgot to lock the car and you’re a few metres out of range, press the remote underneath your chin and your head will amplify the signal. Seriously, try it!

Pizza Warmers – If you’re picking up hot pizza, or any other takeaway food. Keep it hot by turning on the passenger seat warmer.

Quick Cool – We’ve all gotten back to a hot car that’s been in the sun all day. The air-con will cool it down, but not right away. Roll down one window, then open and close the opposite door a few times. It helps to move out all the hot, stale air.

Minties MemeLeaking Fuel Tank – Minties have long been a car trip staple; they’re a handy treat and can help ease travel sickness. But they can also help with leaking fuel tanks. If your tank has sprung a leak simply chew the Mintie to soften and flatten it out. Wipe the leaking area dry and apply the Mintie to plug the hole. It is moments like these you need Minties

This is obviously a temporary fix – get to a mechanic for a permanent repair ASAP.

Bogged – If you get stuck in the mud, a little car life hacks is using the floor mats in your car can help to add traction under the wheels. This also works for snow… if you’re in one of the few places in Australia that snows.

Windscreen Cracks – Apply clear nail polish to both sides of windscreen chips and cracks to prevent them from getting worse before you can get a professional fix.

Garage Hacks

Pool Noodle Door BumperPool Noodle – If your garage is a little tight for getting in and out of your car, you can avoid dinging the doors with some simple padding on the walls. Cut a pool noodle in half lengthways and attach it to the garage wall at the height of the car door. Any time you open too far the door will just bounce on the pool noodle.

Tennis Ball Parking Guide – Hang a tennis ball from the garage ceiling so it touches your windscreen. This easy hack will show when you’re the correct distance from the garage wall. This saves you trying to estimate how close your bumper is from bursting through to the lounge room.


Car hacks may help, but there comes a time when you just need to move on to a new car. Talk to Finance EZI about car finance options, or simply apply online today.

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