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Uber Driver and Passenger

After initially calling for its ban in April, the Queensland government has now approved legislation legalising the ride-sharing app; Uber, following the footsteps of New South Wales, Canberra, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria. Even Tasmania has legislation on the cards for 2018.

So what does that mean for the Taxi Industry?

Taxis will still retain exclusive rights to taxi ranks and hail rights, maintaining much of the traditional routine of hailing a taxi from the street. It will now be legal for Uber to operate its ride-sharing app throughout the state, and even have specified pick-up areas at the airport.

The government will provide a $100 million assistance package for taxi drivers who have had their monopoly disrupted and seen a depreciation on the value of their taxi licences.

What does it mean for passengers?

With a no further strangles on the free market, this move allows more competition on the personal transport market and will encourage exciting new and innovative service offerings.

Part of the legislation also requires Uber drivers to undergo background checks similar to those required for ‘blue cards’, ensuring the safety of rideshare passengers.

Becoming an Uber driver

Uber operates a constantly expanding service offering. Becoming a driver will involve a different process for the position you’re steering towards.

To qualify as an Uber driver you’ll have to register with Uber. You will need your driver’s licence, registration and proof of insurance, as well as passing a background check.

You will also need a vehicle that meets certain requirements. It needs to be in good working order, has no major cosmetic damage, and be no older than 10 years.

Does your car qualify? If you’d like to start earning money as an Uber driver it may be time to upgrade your car. Talk to us about car finance options today.

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