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On A Budget? Here Are 5 Cheap Family Fun Ideas!

Having a family is expensive; the weekly grocery bill, tuition costs, uniforms and extracurricular activities. Having ‘Free Time’ with the family is often incredibly taxing on the wallet. Movie tickets for a family of four can cost over $75 and that’s not even including any snacks! Here are some cheap family fun ideas to get you started

What can you do with the whole family that will still be fun but won’t break the bank? Here are 5 cheap family fun ideas that will have everyone smiling!

1. Take a trip to the library

Yes, they still exist! If the kids don’t have their own library cards yet, it’s time they get one! It’s exciting for them and free for you. Plus the library has so many great resources, including an extensive children’s and young adult section. Did you know you could also check out games, puzzles, movies and audio books? Try a family favourite audio book (like Harry Potter) and have it read aloud to you while you put together a puzzle. If you get it from the library, this is a 100% free activity that can involve the whole family.

2. Create a family theatre

Help the kids write a play, find costumes for the them to wear from your old clothing (it’s always exciting to dress up like mum and dad) and have them act it out while you video it on your mobile phone. This is a great way to spend a stormy day inside and an opportunity for the kids to think creatively. Talk about cheap entertainment!

3. Create a family challenge

Whether it’s running a 5k together or reading 10 books in a month, a challenge that everyone undertakes is a fantastic family activity. If running a 5k as a family sounds appealing, you can create challenge t-shirts by grabbing old white tees and decorating them with markers to feature your challenge name. Then keep track of your progress daily. Once you reach your goal, reward the kids with a trip to the ice cream shop, but only after you reach the goal.

4. Pretend the power is out

This is always fun for the kids. For some truly cheap entertainment, shut off the lights, give everyone a torch and see how long you can last without the ‘power’. Play cards, tell stories and camp in the living room together as a family. It might sound simple but you’d be surprised how excited the kids will get for a night of technology-free fun!

5. Pack a picnic for some cheap family fun

Make some sandwiches, grab a blanket and the football and venture to the park where you can enjoy a day as a family. Have your lunch and then play sport together. It’s always good to get up and moving and make sure the whole family is enjoying the day. Not all kids activities are fun for parents but who doesn’t love a friendly competition?

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