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Imagine getting to point A to point B with an aerial view of the bustling city below and then, landing atop a high rise during sunset. Quite a fantasy isn’t it?

But there’s nothing wrong dreaming big, or in this case, high.

Owning Helicopters Is Becoming More Common

With the many financing options available in the market today, owning a helicopter, either for personal use or business, isn’t so far-fetched anymore. You just need to know the things involved with it, so you can turn it to a reality.

What are the characteristics of helicopters?

A helicopter is an aircraft that relies on rotors to be able to hover in the air and fly up, forward or backward. Unlike fixed-wing aircrafts, a helicopter can fly vertically, which makes it useful even in congested or isolated areas. This means you can land a helicopter in awesome places that cars and planes can’t usually reach.

One common misconception about helicopters is they don’t glide. As a matter fact, they do glide with the use of auto-rotation. In case the engine stops, the upward-moving air that passes through the rotor will help it turn automatically and help the helicopter glide into a safe place.

What type of helicopter to buy?

Before purchasing a helicopter, you must determine first how you are going to use it. Is it going to be for private use or you’ll have it rented out for commercial purposes? If it’s for private use, how many people are going to ride it? Some of the best two-seater helicopters include Robinson R22 and R44, while Eurocopter EC 120 Colibri and Bell Jet Ranger are good for family and commercial use.

Another consideration is the distance that you would like to travel. In general, smaller helicopters have smaller gas tanks, which will make you refuel after just over a hundred miles. Mid-range and big helicopters will be able to travel for more than 300 miles without refueling.

How do you maintain a helicopter?

A helicopter requires regular maintenance. Just like any other aircraft, you need to ensure that the helicopter is always in good condition for everyone’s safety. Don’t worry about doing this part on your own because most manufacturers have service centers around Australia. Helicopter manufacturers are either following their own maintenance program or using the CASA Schedule 5.

Will you hire a pilot or fly on your own?

Owning a helicopter means a licensed individual is available to be pilot, or else the helicopter is useless. You can either learn how to fly the helicopter and get a license, or hire a licensed person to be your pilot.

If you want to fly a private helicopter by yourself, you will need to obtain a Private Helicopter Pilot License (PPL(H)). The requirements include 50 hours flight experience through a CASA-approved training course, Class 2 Aviation Medical Certificate, and passing the PPL Helicopter Theoretical Examination as well as the practical flight examination.

On the other hand, a Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CPL(H)) requires:

  • a 125 hours flight experience
  • Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate
  • passing the theoretical and practical examinations.

For those who already have a fixed-wing aircraft license, the minimum flight experience requirements are the following:

  • Commercial Pilot Aeroplane: 70 hours for CPL(H) and 38 hours for PPL(H)
  • Private Pilot Aeroplane: 80 hours for CPL(H) and 38 hours for PPL(H).


What is the cost of owning a helicopter?

Owning a helicopter is neither cheap nor affordable. Price depends on how big and how modern the helicopter is. The cheapest helicopter available in Australia today is the two-seater Robinson R-22, which costs around USD $250,000. This does not include the insurance and the cost of fuel.

Now that you know the essential information about owning a helicopter, the next step is to find the best source of aircraft finance. One of the best providers of Australian aircraft finance is Finance Ezi. We have been a reliable lender in the aviation industry for more than a decade.


Do You Need Aircraft Finance?

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