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The end of the financial year is looming, and while you may be dreading having to do your taxes again, you should really be excited about the EOFY motorbike sales.

Just as with cars, motorbike dealerships can offer huge savings at the end of June, as they try to bump up their figures for that years, and make room for new bikes so they can kick off the new financial year fresh.

If you know what you’re doing, you can potentially save thousands at these sales. So, follow our handy hints to make the most of these sales and ride out a winner.

Find the right motorbike dealerships

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of shopping for a new motorbike. Just because it’s EOFY sales time, doesn’t mean everything is going to be a bargain. While a lot of your Japanese brands will have good discounts on quality bikes, like Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki, not everyone comes to the table. Prestige brands like BMW don’t drop their prices much for sales as they like to maintain a good resale value and a reputation as a luxury item.

Yes, it’s sales time, but it’s still important for you to still do your research. Check the market pricing of anything you’re looking at and compare the discounts to what other dealers are offering. If they’re not going to play ball, there are plenty more at this time of year who will.

Don’t rush – save the speed for the ride

Once you’ve found a bike you’re interested in, it’s tempting to rush the negotiation and sale. Simply so you can just throw your leg over the seat and ride off into the sunset. But hold your horses for now.

Even though there’s a sale on, you can still negotiate prices down further or push for some added extras like servicing or accessories. It will seem like there’s a time limit on these sales, but EOFY pricing often extends well into July. So, if the prices don’t seem to have dropped much, be prepared to say no and let the dealer sweat a little.

Be finance ready

Going on a long ride? You probably check your tyre pressure, lube the chain and throw on a helmet and jacket. Walking into the dealership without knowing the state of your finances? It’s like riding a motorbike bareheaded, dry chained and wobbly on the tyres. You might survive, but the risk of failure is high and you’ll feel uneasy at every turn.

Think of checking your budget like lubing the chain and putting air in the tyres, so repayments go smoothly. Getting your motorbike finance preapproved before you get to the dealership is like wearing all your protective gear, ensuring you don’t fall for dealership finance.

Dealership finance can be quite the oil slick, tricking you into hidden fees or high interest further down the road. When you arrange your motorbike loan with us, you’ll know you’re getting a competitive rate with fast approval. So you can walk into the dealership with the confidence to negotiate a good price and ride out a winner.

Talk to us today on 1300 003 003 to arrange pre-approved finance for the EOFY motorbike sales, or apply online to get things started.

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