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Tips For Insuring Your Boat

Whether you’ve just bought a boat or you’ve been boating for years, nothing beats that feeling of getting out on the water. So it’s important to protect the ability to do this by Insuring Your Boat.

Insurance for your boat means you won’t get left high and dry if things do go wrong. Here are a few tips that are particularly important for boat insurance.

Navigational Range

It’s important to know how far you’re planning to travel in your boat, as a policy will typically stipulate a navigational range. If you have an accident beyond the navigational limit of your policy, you may be left unprotected. Carefully consider the navigational range you require before signing anything.

Insuring Your Boat Comprehensive or Specific?

Whether you’re planning to use your boat every day or each weekend, a comprehensive plan means you’ll be stress-free. You can choose to include everything, and you’ll pay the premium for it. However, if there’s a specific item you want to insure you could benefit from a lower rate.

Will your boat be laid up?

If there are extended periods when your boat goes unused, you may qualify for lower premiums during those times. When your vessel is stored and maintained properly, you’re at a much lower risk of damage. This decrease in risk can equate to major savings.

Finance EZI has a team of Insurance specialists who will help you choose the best cover, manage affordable premiums and guide you through the application process.

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