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Why Get Finance For Equipment?

Choosing to finance your equipment means you can acquire what your business needs without dipping into your cash reserves. With a diverse range of equipment finance depending on your individual business needs, and with an understanding that the right finance can play a major part in growing your business, short and long term.

Here are some of the many advantages of financing your equipment:

Tax Advantages with Finance For Your Equipment

Provided the equipment is used to derive taxable income, there are significant tax advantages in financing equipment over outright purchase, with the ongoing cost claimable as a business expense.

Harness Opportunity

Ready access to equipment finance means you’re in a position to harness new opportunities as they arise with the advent of new technology. New equipment can often streamline processes and in doing so, save your business time and money.

Conserve Working Capital

Finance prevents your business from tying up cash unnecessarily. With your lines of credit open, you’re free to improve your cash flow and take advantage of profitable business opportunities.

Accurate Budgeting

Given that most business finance is to an agreed fixed interest rate for a determined period. The repayments are not subject to rises in interest rates. This makes it easier to forecast the expense to the business.


Repayment Schedules are flexible and structured to suit your cash flow.


So what are you waiting for? Call Finance Ezi on 1300 003 003 or simply apply online so you can start growing your business.

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